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“ I went on a crazy getaway to this city, I booked the private tour through the web, easy, simple and they solved my doubts I had about the time, said and done, everything went well, and I had a great time. Friendly, good humour and you even laugh, you are the best, keep it up.”

Sandra Nieto

“ As a Granadian I thought that my city had no secrets for me, but nothing could be further from the truth. I signed up for a tour with what to see Granada because a friend who is also very curious recommended it to me and I was amazed at everything I didn't know. This city is an open air museum and Clara has helped us to discover and understand it. Thank you very much and I'm sure I'll come again very soon. Totally recommended!”

Rober Rodríguez

“ An incredibly pleasant and enjoyable visit, there is nothing better to be taught the history of this beautiful city than with such a knowledgeable and expert guide. All very professional, thank you!”

María José Martos

“ I was visiting Granada with family and friends on the occasion of my retirement, our stay of several days we were able to make several visits with this page, we took a great memory, my impression is unbeatable”

Marcelo Padilla

Featured tours

Featured tours

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Great Forgotten Figures from Granada I

SULTANA FATIMA BINT AL-AHMAR We begin a new section, recounting stories of the great historical figures from Granada who, although time has relegated them to oblivion, influenced the history of this beautiful city.

Discover the splendor of Granada with our Luxury Experiences!

NEW! At What2see Granada, we offer an exclusive Plan and Activities for Luxury Visits.

"Dreamy Views: The Top 10 Lookouts to Conquer Granada"

Discover the 10 Most Impressive Lookouts in Granada and Enjoy Spectacular Views of the Alhambra and the City. From the San Nicolás Viewpoint to the Carvajales Viewpoint, each place offers you a unique perspective of this magical city.


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